Transforming Photos into Wall Art

▪️I established Alexandra Wuyke Art in 2018 with a purpose to bring you travel art that inspires adventure, invites connection, and ignites curiosity. 

▪️Nowadays, photos are taken and stored away. Pictures of your favorite places are sadly forgotten because they're lost in the cloud, a camera roll, or fading away in your memory.

▪️My passion is to take images and use them as references for my paintings, transforming them from a picture on a camera roll (or phone cloud) to a custom piece displayed on your wall. 

▪️Let’s bring those adventures and memories back into your life with an original acrylic artwork that captures your favorite places!

Alexandra Wuyke - Boston artist stands on a mountain covered in snow.

Why Travel Art?

▪️Travel plays a big role in my life and has shaped who I am today. From a young age, my parents instilled in me a love for travel. I would capture new places through my camera and savor the delights these images brought me.

▪️My interest in recreating travel moments stems from growing up surrounded by the artwork of my native country, Venezuela. I've learned so much from my travels, and I love capturing these special moments uniquely, through my artwork.

▪️So where have I been? I’ve traveled to over 30 countries and have visited 24 states in America. I cherish all my trips and love learning about new cultures, tasting different food, and experiencing new places. 

  • Boston Travel Artist Alexandra Wuyke standing next to a monkey.

    - Fun Tradition -

    Part of the Latino New Years’ tradition is to run around the house with a suitcase to ensure you travel in the new year. Every time I do this tradition, I have traveled internationally at least once that year.

  • Boston Travel Artist Alexandra Wuyke poses next to a a mountain from one of her travels.

    - Favorite Destination -

    How could I pick just one? My favorite places have been Siem Reap in Cambodia and Reykjavik in Iceland. Domestically, I love St. Augustine in Florida.

  • - Why Do I Love Traveling? -

    I love learning about different cultures, trying new foods, and seeing+taking in the sights. I love exploring new places, even if it takes me slightly out of my comfort zone. 

These Values are a Central Part of Alexandra Wuyke Art.

✓Transparency: Open communication is so important to me, especially when working on a commissioned piece. I want to make sure I capture your travel moment just the way you envisioned it. 

✓Quality: I am a detail-oriented artist and will spend hours making sure a piece is just right. From the first stroke of the paintbrush to the very last - I make sure you receive quality work, never rushed but made with love.

✓Kindness: I believe kindness and understanding fuel positive environments. I strive to bring kindness to my everyday life and infuse positivity into my paintings. 

✓ Passion: I'm not just a passionate artist - I have a passion for adventure, too. I love fusing my two loves of art and travel in one and creating pieces that showcase what I love to do.

So, Where Has Alexandra Wuyke Art Been?

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